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About Limbic Arc

What is Limbic Arc?
The Limbic Arc system consists of a library of quantum-energy wellness "products" that are stored on the cloud and then selected and used within an app that you download onto your phone. For more about this amazing product, please see our The Limbic Arc - Explained by Dr. Cook video and our downloadable brochure.
What makes Limbic Arc different?
What is an InfoBoost and how do I use it?

The Limbic Arc Web App

How do I set up an InfoBoost?
We have a short video that shows the steps of setting up an InfoBoost.
Is the web app available worldwide?
What devices and browsers are compatible with the web app?
Can the web app be used on multiple devices?
Can I use the web app offline?
How is the web app tested to see if it’s working?
Can the web app enhance supplements I’m currently taking?
I'm unable to log into the web app (email/password invalid).
How do I set up InfoBoost notifications?
How do I create and save a custom Boost?
Can I measure “waves” from the app?
Does the Limbic Arc app block EMF or 5G?
Does the app affect a pacemaker?

Your Limbic Arc Monthly Subscription

Is it easy to unsubscribe?
After logging into the web app, you can modify your subscription from the “Manage Subscription” button on the Plan/Family Plan account menu. You can also call our Customer Service department.
How do I update my credit card information?
Do you take American Express?
When is my subscription-renewal date?
Can I change my subscription renewal date?
Can I pay with my subscription with my bank account?
What is the Family Plan?

Limbic Arc Affiliates

How do I change my name on my website?
Log into the Customer Portal and select the "Downline Organization" submenu under "Affiliate". Click the “Edit” button on the "Affiliate URL" feature in the upper-right corner of the screen.
Do I use my Sponsor Code to sign someone up?
Where do I update my direct-deposit information?
Can I use an international bank account?
How do I designate a placement in my downline organization?
How do I fill vacancies in my downline organization?
We are proud to be a pending applicant of the Direct Selling Association. To view the Code of Ethics by which we abide, click here.

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